Introductory to WordPress Web Wizardry

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Introductory to WordPress Web Wizardry

Introduction Class for those would like to discover the unknown of WordPress witchcrafting

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Whats the catch?

This courses are our CSR Program. Is it free?

Yes, its free! This course are open to all who are interested take path in IT, especially, in Web Development. Aside from that, for those who are in need to improve themselves in web crafting mastery are most welcomed to join and participate.

This Program open to all

University, School and Institution

Early Age <10 and above

Open to Small SMEs and Entrepreneur

Interested to learn WordPress Witchcraft?

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Courses Outline

Chapter 1: Journey to WordPress

Tour, System Requirement, Packages / Localhost

Chapter 2: WordPress (WP)? Sound like food name?

What is WordPress anyway? Who can use WordPress? Benefits using WordPress in Business, and Daily life?

Chapter 3: Getting Started (WordPress in Zoom)

WordPress Administration, Dashboard & Bar, WordPress Settings, Users, Page and Posts, Categories and Tags, Comments, Plugin, Theme, Additional Resources, SEO (Introductory Level),

Chapter 4: Door to Limitless

Page builders: Which Shoes am i?

Event Detail

Event Name   :  Introduction to WordPress the Web Wizardry (WWW)

Date                : 13/7/2018

Venue             :  Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre

Time                : 9PM – 11PM

Requirement :  Bring Own Laptop & its accessory, Drinking Bottle, Guts and Passion


  • Food and Beverages are not provided.
  • Do come on-time to experience the whole classes module. Because theres, no playback.
  • Download: This software and packages before hand :-

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